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A new level of customer service in the DPT industry

Direct Push Soil Sampling
Drilling in states all over
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Atlas Geo-Sampling Company (Atlas) is a full service Vapor Intrusion Service and Direct Push Technology (DPT) provider that maintains a fleet of “State of the Art” equipment.

In addition to having the widest variety of DPT rigs in the southeast, Atlas promises to bring honesty, integrity and a new level of customer service to the DPT industry.

Atlas Geo-Sampling Company has extensive capabilities in the environmental sampling arena that are designed to meet your project specific needs.

Some of the capabilities are listed below:

  • Extensive vapor sampling capabilities(Landfill gas, Sub-slab, at depth vapor samples)
  • Ability to conduct sampling activities in a wide variety of locations (inside office buildings,warehouses, off road locations and other limited access locations).
  • Collection of soil, groundwater and vapor samples from multiple locations within one borehole
  • Installation of "telescoping wells" using DPT technology.
  • Injection of in-situ remediation chemicals
  • Installation of pre-pack monitoring well (up to 2" ID PVC)
  • Hollow Stem auger installation of conventional 2” monitoring wells