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Effective Dec. 8, 2018
Premier Drilling has acquired the drilling operations of Atlas Geo-Sampling Company. Atlas will continue to provide a complete array of vapor intrusion services within the United States and Internationally. Please contact Scott Towe at 678-227-2458 or scott@premier-drilling.com for any questions regarding scheduling, pricing or future availability of drilling services. Continue to reach Jim Fineis for any questions regarding vapor intrusion services. Jim's contact information has not changed. Any drilling jobs scheduled or quoted by Atlas will be completed by Premier Drilling on the agreed to schedule and costing previously provided by Atlas Geo-Sampling Company.

Stay tuned for an updated Atlas Geo-Sampling website detailing the new emphasis on providing the best vapor intrusion services available.

Atlas Geo-Sampling & Total Vapor Solutions

Safety First

If you have a safety concern or Near Miss to report, you can do so confidentially by filling out our feedback form.

One stop for all for all your Vapor Intrusion Needs!

Services Include:

  • Regulatory Guidance Writing and Assistance
  • Work Plan Development
  • Near-slab Vapor Implants
  • Sub-slab Vapor Implants
  • Indoor air Sampling
  • Ambient Air Sampling
  • Risk Analysis and Calculations
  • Assistance with Vapor Intrusion Mitigation Selection
  • Contracting of Mitigation Services (SSD, Barrier, Surface Coatings

Recent Projects Completed in 30+ States and 3 Countries

Contact Jim Fineis at 770-883-3372 or jimfineis@atlas-geo.com with any questions or to schedule your next vapor intrusion project.