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Soil Vapor Sampling

Atlas Geo-Sampling is well versed in the collection of soil gas samples. We have extensive experience in the installation and sampling of soil vapor. Our experience includes the collection/sampling of the following types of soil gas samples:

  • Landfill Gas Sampling (Tier II)
  • Methane Gas Sample Detection
  • Active Soil Vapor Samples or Implants (includes Helium leak detection)
  • Sub-slab Vapor Implants (includes Helium leak detection)
  • Passive Soil Vapor Implants

Atlas has dedicated equipment for the installation/collection of soil gas samples. A partial list of the equipment includes:

  • Soil Vapor Implants (Active & Passive)
  • Helium Leak Test Chamber
  • Soil Vapor Sampling Station (Summa Canister, Syringe or Tedlar)
  • Hand Pump for Sample Collection

Click here for more information on the tooling we use in Vapor Sampling.

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